Year 10 science students at St Crispins School, Wokingham, were treated to a series of talks from scientists from Imperial College London. Organised by Cllr Matteo Fumagalli, the focus for this event was the environment.

Four scientists joined digitally from the Ascot based “Grand Challenges in Ecosystems and the Environment Initiative” a global hub for addressing key environmental challenges for humanity.

This included Aquatic Ecologist Dr Emma Ransome, Theoretical computational biologist Dr Samraat Pawar,  Tropical Ecologist Dr Cristina Banks-Leite and Environmental Social Scientist Dr Morana Mills

They gave talks relating to their particular areas of research, how they got into their roles to begin with and what undergraduates in their fields could expect from a course. The students had lots of interesting and insightful questions and learnt about theoretical study, practical fieldwork (at home and abroad) and the interaction with social studies. 

Quote, Student at St Crispins School: The session made me realise that work to do with the environment can be done both in an office and in the field.  It opened my eyes and made me consider a job to do with the environment.  Furthermore, it made me understand just how bad climate change is and how it’s affecting us not only as humans but all animals and wildlife.