Single use plastic drink bottles.
Convenient? Yes.
Good for the planet? No.
Is there an alternative? Yes.

We are very much behind reducing the use of and reliance on plastic drink bottles. They are a huge contributor to the plastic waste mountain in the UK each year, and their production does great harm to the environment. By reducing our reliance on single use plastic bottles, we send a message back to the manufactures that they must find an alternative.

Re-useable bottles and drink cups are BIG business. When choosing one, please remember to not add to the plastic problem and buy one that is recyclable or robust enough for long term use.

Refillables save you money – When using your own cup in coffee shops or tea houses, drinks are often cheaper so there’s a direct saving to you each time you wash and reuse. By taking your own water with you everywhere, you drink more (which is healthy), and save on buying all those grab and go drinks.

If using a water bottle, fill up before you leave home and top up by using water fountains, tap water at work or if out and about try using the refill app which lets you know where you can get refills from local restaurants, cafes and public venues. It’s actually easier than you think!

To find out more about the refillable scheme or down load the app go to

If you are out and about in Wokingham, the Information Centre is just one of the places you can get a refill. Look out for the logo in coffee shops and restaurants. There is also a water fountain in Peach Place and a new one in Elms Field.

With COVID in our midst, the environmental organisation City To Sea has published guidance for retailers and customers on how to use reusable cups and refillable bottles safely at