Yes you can look at installing heat pumps and solar panels etc, but, there are simple and easy steps
we can all take NOW that will help us reduce the carbon footprint of our homes.

Here are a few ideas and options to look into:
 Switch off and unplug electrical items when not in use
 Use energy saving light bulbs.
 Fit draft excluders on any windows and doors where you feel air coming in
 Have your boiler serviced regularly so that it’s working at maximum efficiency
 Get a smart meter so you can see when you are using most energy
 Switch energy suppliers to one which uses renewables and or offers varying tariffs
throughout the day so you can alter your usage pattern for when energy is cheap
 Reduce your reliance on tumble dryers…they use an extortionate amount of energy.
 Insulate your loft to a minimum of 270mm
 Look into wall insulation and how that could save you money in the long term
 If you are replacing your current windows – check if triple glazing a good option for you?

There are government and local schemes to help with costs of some energy switches. Check out: