Wokingham Town Council is a Statutory Consultee for Planning Applications, Development Proposals and Transport issues arising within the boundaries of the town. The Town Council delegates responsibility for dealing with these matters to the Planning & Transportation (P&T) Committee. The P&T Committee is also responsible for the upkeep of some bus shelters and park benches in the town.

The P&T Committee studies all Consultations affecting the town.

The Planning & Transportation Committee meets once a month on a Tuesday evening during nine months of the year to consider planning applications and associated matters. Wokingham residents are welcome to attend these meetings and ask questions before Councillors decide on their recommendations.

The Committee considers planning applications that fall into the following categories:

  • Development within the Conservation Areas
  • Development within the curtilage of a Listed Building
  • Development where existing buildings are to be demolished and/or new buildings are to be erected
  • Development having a potential impact on road safety
  • Change of Use

The Town Council’s comments are submitted to Wokingham Borough Council, where a decision will be made by a Planning Officer under delegated authority, or at a meeting of the Borough Council’s Planning Committee.

Details of planning applications can be viewed on the Borough Council’s web site by searching for the application number or address.

The outcome of the last 5 Council years P&T Meetings can be seen in the table below. The last Council year (2019-2020) saw an increase of applications discussed by the Planning Committee.

The Planning Applications listed below will be considered at the next meeting of the Planning & Transportation Committee on Tuesday 6th July 2021. Click on the application number to view the plans.

Application NoSite Address Proposal
211609Land at Bucks Copse Rear of 74-76 Barkham Road RG41 2RDFull application for the proposed erection of 3 no. terraced dwellings with associated access and parking, following demolition of existing garage.
Silk Court Rose Street
Full application for the proposed erection of an external WC on the roof of the building.
211804 41 London Road RG40 1YAOutline application for with some matters reserved for the proposed 1no. four bedroom dwelling. (Access to be considered)
211777Toutley East Land adjacent to Toutley Depot, West of Twyford Road, RG41 1XAOutline application for up to 130 residential units and a 70 bed care home (all matters reserved except access to the site).
21186127 Denmark Street RG40 2AYFull planning application for the proposed change of use from convenience store (Use Class E) to a Beauty Salon and Spa (Sui Generis).
211956Land Adjacent to No. 165 Reading Road Full application for the proposed change of use of adjoining amenity land to residential garden with erection of 1.8m close board wooden fence, plus associated landscaping.