We’ve planted two new Elm Trees in Elms Field which will become a prominent feature within the park.

The Elm trees are not English Elms but a variety called ‘New Horizon’ which is 100% resistant to Dutch elm disease, resilient to urban conditions including waterlogging and tolerant of all soil types and a wide range of temperatures. 

This is a great example of partnership working where The Wokingham Tree Warden Group (which is part of the Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association (WDVTA)), Town Council, Borough Council, and The Wokingham Society have worked together to bring trees which will be enjoyed for years to come to Elms Field.

One tree was gifted by The Tree Council, with support from the Network Rail Community Fund, to celebrate 30 years of the national Tree Warden Scheme.  The second was gifted by The Wokingham Society.

The trees should grow to a height of 12m and a spread of 4.5m after 25 years.