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"Allied in Glory" Silk postcard

A silk postcard of around 1916-1918 with "Allied in Glory" and a flag supposedly made up of Allies in the War effort. Visible is the British Red Ensign and the French national flag, the other flags are possibly the flag of Imperial Russia and the…

100,000 Mark note

WW1 era bank note. One Hundred Thousand Marks. This piece is part of an external collection and is not available to view in person.

11 Silk Postcards

11 Silk postcards (of which 6 are pictured) from WW1.External collection not available to view.

15 The Terrace

15 The Terrace.jpg
When viewed from The Terrace, Wokingham, the exterior of the building displays changes in brickwork that show it was at one time two cottages. It provides no clue as to either the true age of the building or the wealth of timber that lies behind the…

1916 Buffs regiment

A group photograph of the Officers and NCO's of the 2/5th Bn The Buffs with a draft of 200 NC's and men selected for service in France with 24 London Regt. (The Queens) August 31st 1916. Photograph number 1061 in a series taken by Panoras (sp) of 60…

2 photographs of Frederick Head

Frederick Head born in 1878 served in the Royal Corps of Engineers. At his demobilisation in 1919 he was a Lance Corporal in the 334 Road Construction Company and a Road Foreman. A local man from Mount Pleasant he was married and had a younger…

2nd Lord Braybrook

Coat of Arms of 2nd Lord Braybrook. He was the son of Richard Aldworth and assumed, in 1762, the name and arms of Neville. His paternal grandfather was Richard Aldworth of Stanlake and the arms shown are those of Neville (which he had assumed)…

31 Rose Street

31 Rose Street.jpg
"The Maiden School" was founded by Martha Palmer, the wealthy spinster daughter of Richard and Mary Palmer of Luckley House, Chapel Green.
By her will dated June 1713, she gave £ 400 to her trustees for the purchase of lands to provide an income of…

6 postcards of military aeroplanes.

Six postcards (5 illustrative, one photographic) of aeroplanes or related imagery. Aeroplanes featured display roundels of the time for the Royal Flying Corps and later the Royal Air Force. Postcards brought back by Wokingham resident Alexander…

A painting of a man holding a newspaper

Thought to be of John Walter I, this early 19th century picture could be either a member of the Walter family of Bearwood or one of the managers of The Times newspaper that the Walter family owned.