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Dedication of the Roll of Honour

Programme for the Dedication of the Roll of Honour by The Rt. Rev. Dr. K. E. Kirk, Lord Bishop of Oxford at the Parish Church of All Saints Wokingham, held on 24th October 1948.

St Paul’s Church Memorial

Wokingham town - St Paul's Church memorial.JPG
St Paul’s Church was built in 1864 due to the rapid growth of Wokingham after the railway came. It was funded by John Walter of Bear Wood, who owned the Times Newspaper. The Church was 50 years old in 1914, and is celebrating its 150th anniversary in…

Memorials in All Saints Church

Memorial All Saints.JPG
The first recorded church of All Saints in Wokingham was dedicated on this site between 1189 and 1193 by Hubert, Bishop of Salisbury. It was rebuilt in the early to mid 15th Century. By 1863 the building was in such a poor state that plans were laid…

Wokingham Bombing

On the 4th October 1940, during World War 2 a Junkers 88 German bomber dropped a 1,000lb high explosive bomb and four oil bombs on Wokingham. The event was witnessed by Walter Percy Fenwick, a postman better known as "Old Havelocker". He was…

The War Illustrated

A book entitled, THE WAR ILLUSTRATED being volume 8 edited by Sir. John Hammerton. This is a collection of publications with same title, the first of which is dated May 26 1944.

Leonard Goddard Smalley

Leonard Smalley.jpg
A native of Oadby, Leicestershire. Commenced his local government career in 1924 as Assistant Clerk of the Oadby District Council.

He moved to Northamptonshire in 1939 on being appointed Clerk and Chief Financial Officer of the Burton Latimer…

James Egerton Thorpe

A native of Manchester, James moved to County Durham where he was manager of the Consett Iron Co. For many years he played for the Durham Hockey Club. In 1909 he married Ethel Ainsworth(1882-1958) by whom he had two sons. He moved to Crowthorne in…