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Joy Burton

Joy Burton was born in 1923 in Henley to Thomas Alfred and Clara Burton, of Wokingham.

She lived at 86 Wescott Rd, with her parents, before being stationed to work on the Barrage Balloons in London on an RAF base near Blackheath (RAF Kidbrooke).…

Maps Of Wokingham

Some year ago Wokingham Borough Council decided to throw out some large`(72x101cm) linen backed Ordnance Survey maps of (parts) of Wokingham from the 1870’s to 1890’s. An individual “saved” eight of these and they have been in a loft for a number of…

The Wokingham Memorial Clinic

Memorial Clinic.jpg
In 1920 the Wokingham Red Cross Committee discussed setting up a clinic in Wokingham to treat children who were of school age with skeletal deformities. After considerable discussion with local doctors, nurses, town councillors and the County Medical…

Directory of Wokingham, Bracknell & District

Directory of Wokingham, Bracknell & District, 1952-53.

Street Guides to Wokingham Borough and Bracknell.
Alphabetic Lists Of Private Residents In Borough Of Wokingham, Wokingham Without, Barkham, Binfield, Bracknell, Crowthorne,…

List of Subscribers to Supt. Goddard's Testimonial on his Retirement

List of Subscribers to Supt. Goddard's Testimonial on his Retirement in 1932. This was gifted by Mrs. J. Priest.

There follows an extract from the Reading Mercury dated 9th March 1946.

It is with regret we record the…

Thomas Ellison Thank You Certificate

A certificate presented to Thomas E Ellison as a thank you from St. Paul's Church.

Dumb Waiter

A dumb waiter built by Johnson Lift Maker of Wandsworth, London

Freedom of London Certificate

A certificate announcing the Freedom of London

Town Clerk Robe

Town Clerk Robe

Wooden Gavel Donated By Bob Wyatt

Wooden Gavel Donated By Rob Wyatt