King George III Golden Jubilee

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George was born in London on June 4th 1738, his father being Frederick, Prince of Wales. George became heir to the throne in 1751 following the death of his father and ascended the throne on 25th October 1760 from his grandfather , George II.

There was no Silver Jubilee but his Golden Jubilee was held on 25th October 1809, the day of the beginning of the fiftieth year of his reign.

The following description of the celebrations in Wokingham is taken from "Jubilee of George the Third", (anon).

"The jubilee commences with a ball in the Town Hall, on the evening of 24th, which was very numerously attended. The entrance of the auspicious day was greeted by the bells from the church tower, and three excellent volleys of musketry from the Market Place. The company in the ball room, accompanied by the band, sang "God Save the King" with most impressive fervor and animation; the dancing then recommenced and continued with much vivacity till a late hour in the morning,

The Corporation went in procession to Church and were attended by a full congregation. An excellent and appropriate sermon was preached (at the request of the Alderman) by the Rev. Wm. Bremner. After divine service a liberal subscription from the inhabitants was distributed to all the poor families in the town and parish, to enable them to participate in the general festivity.

The inhabitants afterwards dined together at the Town Hall and spent the remaining part of the 24 hours in that true spirit of harmony and conviviality, which can only be produced by the most perfect concord. "


Wokingham and the Royal Jubilees by Jim Bell




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25th October 1809