Wokingham Bombing



On the 4th October 1940, during World War 2 a Junkers 88 German bomber dropped a 1,000lb high explosive bomb and four oil bombs on Wokingham. The event was witnessed by Walter Percy Fenwick, a postman better known as "Old Havelocker". He was delivering post to South Lodge, Easthampsteasd, the residence of Miss E. Tice, niece of Lord Downshire of Easthampstead mansion when he saw the bomber at treetop level. He had the presence of mind to quickly get Miss Tice and himself into the van sliding the strong door shut before the bombs were dropped. The van jumped about two foot in the air but both were unharmed and would have been killed by shrapnel had they not taken cover.

An officer at the nearby military camp had reported the sighting and as a result the bomber was brought down near the Hog's Back at Guildford and all occupants were killed.





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4th October 1940