David Goddard

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David was a native of Wokingham and came from a family of three sons and four daughters. A bachelor, he lived in Sturges Road with his parents, Jerry (1853-1935) and Henrietta (1870-1950). For several years he worked as a ticket clerk for Southern Railways at Wokingham Railway Station.

Noted for being a good organiser and for giving much of his time to the town, he ran the town’s First World War charities in 1916 and the Wokingham Carnival on a number of occasions. He was also a founder member of the Comrades of the Great War, now known as the Royal British Legion ; chairman of the Orthopaedic Clinic Trustees and manager of his old school, Palmer Street Primary. One of the duties he performed each Christmas at the school was the role of Santa which involved climbing down a ladder into the main hall and giving a present to each child.

Despite crippling arthritis David was very active in local charities and other organisations. He served as chairman of the Wokingham Football Club and ran the Wokingham Junior Sports and Social Club which was very popular, This gave youngsters an opportunity to participate in a number of sports and indoor activities. According to Ken Goatley, being a member of such an association gave one a sense of responsibility and a pride of being part of the town’s community.

David was found dead in his home on Oxford Road on Monday 18th October 1971. His funeral service was held at St Paul’s Church.


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