Great War Memorial Plaque



Bronze circular medal featuring an image of Britannia holding a trident and standing with a lion. The designer's initials, E.CR.P., appear above the front paw. In her left outstretched left hand Britannia holds an oak wreath above the rectangular tablet bearing the deceased's name cast in raised letters. The name does not include the rank since there was to be no distinction between sacrifices made by different individuals. Two dolphins swim around Britannia, symbolizing Britain's sea power, and at the bottom a second lion is tearing apart the German eagle. Around the picture the legend reads (in capitals) "He died for freedom and honour", or for the six hundred plaques issued to commemorate women, "She died for freedom and honour".

These were issued to the families who lost someone to the War and came with a letter from the King (George V). this is part of a private collection and not viewable by the public.





The Royal Mint - Edward Carter Preston, “Great War Memorial Plaque,” Wokingham's Virtual Museum, accessed October 27, 2021,


1920's to 1930's


The Royal Mint - Edward Carter Preston

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