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People associated with Wokingham's Heritage.

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Kenneth William John Goatley
Ken was born in February 1927 at No. 86 Wescott Road. He was baptised by Canon Bertram Long. His father was employed by Painter, the butcher/ fishmonger in Denmark Street. Later he became a milkman for the Creamery in Peach Street after which he…

Heelas Family
William Heelas senior moved to Wokingham in the 1790s and was a wool stapler. In 1799 he married Ann Shorter of Wokingham and they had two sons. William junior who became a woolfactor and John who was a draper. John then purchased Buckhurst Farm in…

Martin Family
Henry Thomas Martin was first apprenticed to baker James Laird of Peach Street, Henry opened up his own bakery and corn dealer’s shop in Down Street (later Denmark Street). He married Hannah Parker Green in 1865 and they raised a family of six.…