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Joy Burton


Joy Burton was born in 1923 in Henley to Thomas Alfred and Clara Burton, of Wokingham.

She lived at 86 Wescott Rd, with her parents, before being…

Maps Of Wokingham


Some year ago Wokingham Borough Council decided to throw out some large`(72x101cm) linen backed Ordnance Survey maps of (parts) of Wokingham from the…

The Wokingham Memorial Clinic

Memorial Clinic.jpg

In 1920 the Wokingham Red Cross Committee discussed setting up a clinic in Wokingham to treat children who were of school age with skeletal…

Welcome to Wokingham's Virtual Museum

This web site will become the virtual home of the Town Hall's treasures. It is a work in progress with new items being added all the time. In the future we hope to extend the collections to include the wider history of Wokingham town.

In due course it will be possible for some of the items on display here to be viewed at the Town Hall.

If you have any queries about this web site please contact

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Wokingham History App

Wokingham now has an app for it's history. The app is available for both Android and iOS find it on your app store. It features the video on Wokingham Town Hall's history, Wokingham Society's Blue Plaque Trail, the War Memorial Trail and a portal through to the Virtual Museum.
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