Becoming more sustainable is a longer process than first thought. We value all our traders, many of whom have been with us for years.

For many traders, change has to come from within their supply chain. Whilst they can request more sustainable packaging, wraps and environmentally friendly techniques, change can take a while to filter through and often depends on the priorities of the supply chain.

That said, some of our traders are using sustainable replacements for bags, take-away boxes and utensils.

  • Rose and Charles (Plants & Shrubs) and Daniel Gilbert (Fresh fish) have switched from plastic to compostable bags. 
  • Hideki at Real Japan has switched from polystyrene to vegetable fibre-based containers. 
  • Yanis at Greek Deli and Tim at Krua Koson are using vegetable based containers and cutlery.
  • Maya’s Refillables supplies environmentally friendly, sustainable alternatives for many day to day products.

We continue to look at plastic alternatives and we’re working on phasing out as much plastic as possible over the coming year.