Grants for Voluntary Organisations


Applications open from 31st July 2023. Closing date 15th September 2023

Wokingham Town Council’s Vision is:

‘To enhance Wokingham Town for its existing and future residents and businesses.’

Principles and Priorities
All residents of Wokingham Town deserve high quality services.
In providing those services, the Town Council will seek to enhance its services to support new and overlooked communities and groups and to use its personnel and financial resources proportionately and wisely.

Wokingham Town is proud of its distinctive nature as a modern market town with an ancient heritage.
Wokingham Town Council will protect its heritage while recognising that change is necessary to enhance its services to current and future residents.

Wokingham Town will aim to be a sustainable community.
Wokingham Town Council will seek to protect and enhance its natural, built and cultural environments for all current and future residents, and to deploy its personnel and financial resources sustainably

Wokingham Town will be welcoming to all irrespective of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.
Wokingham Town Council will take positive steps to enhance its services for its diverse populations equally and fairly.

Any spending and activity that the Council engages in focuses on delivering its Vision, and the Council is keen to align its Grant spending to support those organisations which can demonstrate how their work also supports this Vision for our town.

Applicants should be aware that the Council receives a high level of requests but looks forward to receiving these and makes the commitment to consider them all individually and with care.  

We would recommend that applicants read the Grants Policy and  Criteria For Applications below before completing the online application form at the bottom of this page.

Please note grants will only be made to cover activities by organisations that benefit the residents of Wokingham Town.


  • Applications will only be accepted from organisations such as voluntary bodies and organisations, which operate within the Town Council’s boundary and provide direct benefit to all or some of its inhabitants.
  • The Town Council cannot guarantee a grant to any organisation and will review each and every application, which is judged on its merits.
  • Applications from individuals will not be considered if the benefit is personal and will only be considered if they will bring clear and positive benefit(s) to the town community. The Committee will carefully scrutinise individual applications.
  • A grant cannot be given for political purposes.
  • A grant cannot be given just to promote publicity.
  • A grant from a parish/town council cannot be given to contribute to a charity or public service body operating overseas, or to a fund established to assist people outside the UK.
  • All voluntary bodies and organisations, which are seeking assistance, must supply a set of accounts for the previous year’s activity. Those applying for an amount in excess of £1,000 must submit a written report, annual report or set of accounts within 12 months of receipt of a grant.
  • Council also has the right to ask recipients of grants, irrespective of the amount, for a statement on how the money is being spent and can also ask for financial information prior to actually giving a grant.
  • Applicants should be aware that the Town Council will determine its total budget for grants on an annual basis.
  • As well as obtaining financial information, the Town Council must be provided with evidence on the number of inhabitants, who reside within the town’s boundary and who would directly benefit by the award of a grant.
  • If your work involves children or vulnerable adults, please ensure all safeguarding matters, related to your project/activity, are covered by a child/vulnerable adults safeguarding policy.