Members for 2019/20
Chairman: Cllr Imogen Shepherd-Dubey
Vice Chairman: Cllr Tony Lack
Members: Cllrs Peter Dennis, Nick Fox, Matteo Fumagalli, Daniel Hinton, Adrian Mather, Keith Malvern, Abby Tebboth.

Wokingham Town Council is a Statutory Consultee for Planning Applications, Development Proposals and Transport issues arising within the boundaries of the town. The Town Council delegates responsibility for dealing with these matters to the Planning & Transportation (P&T) Committee. The P&T Committee is also responsible for the upkeep of some bus shelters and park benches in the town.


The P&T Committee studies all Consultations affecting the town.


The Planning & Transportation Committee meets once a month on a Tuesday evening during nine months of the year to consider planning applications and associated matters. Wokingham residents are welcome to attend these meetings and ask questions before Councillors decide on their recommendations.

The Committee considers planning applications that fall into the following categories:

  • Development within the Conservation Areas
  • Development within the curtilage of a Listed Building
  • Development where existing buildings are to be demolished and/or new buildings are to be erected
  • Development having a potential impact on road safety
  • Change of Use

The Town Council’s comments are submitted to Wokingham Borough Council, where a decision will be made by a Planning Officer under delegated authority, or at a meeting of the Borough Council’s Planning Committee.

Details of planning applications can be viewed on the Borough Council’s web site by searching for the application number or address.

The Planning Applications listed below will be considered at the next meeting of the Planning & Transportation Committee on Tuesday 4th June 2019. Click on the application number to view the plans.


Mathews Green farm RG41 1JX Application for approval of reserved matters pursuant to outline planning permission (O/2014/2242). The reserved matters comprise details of the local centre incorporating retail use on ground floor and 19 dwellings on the upper floors, with associated parking and landscaping. Details of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale to be determined.  
Mathews Green farm RG41 1JX
Application for the approval of reserved matters pursuant to outline planning consent O/2014/2242 for the erection of 4 dwellings. Reserved matters of scale, appearance, layout and landscaping to be considered.  
Mathews Green farm RG41 1JX Application for approval of reserved matters pursuant to outline planning consent(O/2014/2242)for the erection of 9 dwellings. Reserved matters to be considered:- appearance, landscaping, layout and scale.  
 191094 Optimum Molly Millars Lane RG41 2PX Full application for the development of premises, change of use from B1a/B8 to a mixed use comprising B1a/B8 and C1 (serviced accommodation) with external roof alteration for glazed roof lantern.  
 190658 29 Charwood Road RG40 1RY Full application for the proposed conversion of existing single dwelling into two dwellings  
 191038 All Saints Church Norreys Avenue RG40 1UE Listed Building application for the proposed single storey parish room and entrance with sliding door(NE elevation). New door way(NW elevation)to childrens area. Lady chapel historic doorway re-opened (SE elevation). South porch doors reinstated to craete a habitable room(S elevation). Resurfacing and levelling of surface and removal of ramp (W elevation). Multiple internal changes following demolition of existing plantroom(N). Internal alteraions to include stores 4No, toilets3No. New timber screen/organ console. New glass enclosure between Chancel& Lady Chapel, Font relocated to South aisle. timber stage to be removed to reveal original Chancek step. Removal of pews, replaced with stacking chairs. Existing tiled floor removed and replaced with Limestone flooring with underfloor heating and Limecrete floor slab & insulation. West, existing tombs & ledgers to remain in situ within floor. S/West addition of mobile servery with pullout station  
 190822 8a-10 Denmark Street RG40 2BB Application for listed building consent for the proposed roof eaves tilesboards to front elevation  
 190844 8a Denmark Street RG40 2BB Application for listed building consent for the proposed external fibre cable in conduit at ground level to front elevation.  
 190992 Mulberry House 2 Carey Road RG40 2NP Application to vary condition 2 of planning consent 181746 for the proposed erection of a 2.5 storey extension to the existing building to create 5no residential units with shared amenity area and refuse store. Condition 2 relates to approved plans to be substituted as follows: 200 rev P3, with 200 rev P4. 201 rev P4, with 201 rev P6. 202 rev P4, with 202 rev P6. 210 rev P4, with 210 rev P5. 211 rev P4, with 211 rev P5. 212 rev P3, with 212 rev P4. 213 rev P4, with 213 rev P5 to allow changes to accommodation types being proposed, together with minor amendments to the 1st-floor balconies and a slight reduction to the ground floor level footprint.  
 191314 47 Peach Street RG40 1XJ Prior approval submission for the proposed change of use from office use (Class B1 (a)) to 28no. residential apartments.  
Rosa, Mulberry Business Park

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