Are your wardrobes full? Do you buy too many clothes? Are you worried about the clothing
production processes and how they damage the environment? Are you bothered by how many
clothes are just thrown away each year?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then why not try the clothing challenge. Could you
resist buying new clothes for a year? If that seems too long then maybe try 3 or even 6 months?

A number of celebs, authors, columnists and regular people like us have done this over the last few years with interesting results. Many have shared their experience on-line. And, most have found it relatively easy after the first month when the urge to shop is strong. There’s not much out there from the male point of view, but if you fancy the challenge we’d love to hear from you.

So if you are up for it, here are a few tips to help you get through and use what you have.
We think there is one exception to the no new rule though – if a high-necessity item gives out
completely and there are no alternatives e.g. underwear, running shoes.

 Hold yourself to account. Consuming is something we just do, so tell your friends. Put it
on social media. That way, it can inspire other people as well. Set your own rules – some people probably need more clothes – so it’s all about deciding what your personal terms
and conditions are going to be.
 Find something to save for so you have a reason to not shop
 Ask yourself why you constantly need to buy new clothes?

 Work out what emotion shopping appeals to?
 Could you borrow an outfit from a friend for an occasion?
 Could a seamstress alter something you have to make it more wearable?
 Buy from Charity shops
 Swap clothes with friends each month
 Clear out your wardrobe and recycle the items you no longer wear or like
 Accessorise an outfit rather than buy a new outfit
 List outfit options from your existing wardrobe so that at times of stress or when you think
you have nothing to wear, you can pull an outfit together quickly.
 As you go through the challenge, make a wish list- things that really are ‘must haves’. Review
it each month to see if they really are!

If you take on the challenge, do let us know how you’re getting on. We know your experiences will
inspire others, and then we have ‘the snowball effect’…and that will be good for the planet!