Wokingham Town Council is keen to encourage music and entertainment in the town of Wokingham. To facilitate greater encouragement of busking in the area we have put together the below leaflet and guidelines.

Download Busking information and Guidelines Leaflet

Operating from the Victorian Town Hall in the centre of Town we have opportunities for buskers to apply to perform in the Market Place area. Anyone who would like to busk outside of this area will need to contact Wokingham Borough Council for advice.

The Market Place is used for a number of events through the year including other types of performance and parades. As such we have to balance buskers with the day to day operation of the Market Place and these other events. Due to the limited space for multiple buskers we ask for dates in advance.

To apply please fill in the below form and ensure you have read and are happy with the guidelines in the buskers leaflet. Paper copies of the form and guidelines are available on request.

Performers under 16 must have a responsible adult in attendance. Law prohibits busking by under 14’s.

Accepted applications will also need Public Liability Insurance before they can perform.

We can not at this time accept drums or very loud instruments such as bagpipes due to the limited area we have jurisdiction to allow busking in.

There is no charge to apply or to busk.