All performances, unless otherwise stated, last around 20 minutes. Weekday performances start at 6pm and weekend performances 4pm.

Date Venue
Friday 1st Wokingham Town Hall Market Place
Saturday 2nd TBA
Sunday 3rd TBA
Monday 4th Wokingham Market Place for Dressing the Christmas Tree (note: longer event)
Tuesday 5th TBA
Wednesday 6th TBA
Thursday 7th TBA
Friday 8th TBA
Saturday 9th TBA
Sunday 10th TBA
Monday 11th TBA
Tuesday 12th TBA
Wednesday 13th TBA
Thursday 14th TBA
Friday 15th TBA
Saturday 16th TBA
Sunday 17th TBA
Monday 18th TBA
Tuesday 19th TBA
Wednesday 20th TBA
Thursday 21st TBA
Friday 22nd TBA
Saturday 23rd TBA
Sunday 24th TBA