The following charities will benefit from collections taken at their evening during the Living Advent Calendar. Please click on their logos to visit their web sites.

Date Charity
Friday 1st Just Around the Corner (1127691)
Saturday 2nd Just Around the Corner (1127691)
Sunday 3rd Headway (1025852)
Monday 4th The Town Mayor's Charities 2017/18: Keep Mobile (1174433) & WADE(258311)
Tuesday 5th Headway (1025852)
Wednesday 6th Building for the Future (1121458)
Thursday 7th Building for the Future (1121458)
Friday 8th Dingley's Promise (1137609)
Saturday 9th Dingley's Promise (1137609)
Sunday 10th Berkshire MS Therapy Centre (800419)
Monday 11th Berkshire MS Therapy Centre (800419)
Tuesday 12th Cruse Bereavment Care (208078)
Wednesday 13th Cruse Bereavment Care (208078)
Thursday 14th Ollie Young Foundation (1148511)
Friday 15th Ollie Young Foundation (1148511)
Saturday 16th Camp Mohawk (278681)
Sunday 17th Wokingham Foodbank (1025852)
Monday 18th Camp Mohawk (278681)
Tuesday 19th Wokingham in Need (1166111)
Wednesday 20th Wokingham in Need (1166111)
Thursday 21st ARC Counselling
Friday 22nd ARC Counselling
Saturday 23rd Helen & Douglas House
Sunday 24th Helen & Douglas House